Receive And Send Email Attachments Of Upto 25MB

Gmail has always been amongst the most generous email services provider. Earlier the maximum mark upto which a user can send an attachment was 10MB. Gmail then enhanced and expanded the limit to upto 20MB. After Gmail’s strategy other email providers also followed suit. Currently only the Hotmail and Yahoo email providers provide 20MB attachment size.

Gmail has now added an extra sting in this field. Of late it has increased the size of attachments (sent or received) to upto 25MB. Currently Gmail is the only email provider to provide attachment size to such extent. The increase in attachment size to such extent has pleased all the existing users as well as the ones planning to join it.

The increase in size of attachments has provided more convenience and flexibility to its users. They can now send and share more pictures, songs, documents, videos and other important media. The increase has been welcomed by users as the number of Gmail users has risen since the increase of attachment size. Thus, if you want to send files of bigger size join Gmail and send files of size upto 25MB.


If a user wants to send any email having attachments of more than 20MB then the receiver needs to have an account supporting the required attachment size. If the receiver doesn’t have such account then the e-mail bounces back to the sender. It is therefore recommended to share attachments with such bulky sizes with Gmail accounts. If your friends don’t have a Gmail account, help them join and share media instantly.

The newly increased attachment size of upto 25MB has been applied and implemented to all account holders of Gmail. Users of Gmail having Flash based attachment features provide pop up warning for attachments exceeding the size limit of 25MB.


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