Evoca is an online voice recording service that makes it very easy for users and online consumers to create and share their voice recordings. With Evoca, you can easily create a recording with your Skype account, mobile phone or PC mike. You can further simply upload the recorded voice for your own usage or share it across attached with tags, groups and albums.

Evoca, today, is one of the most used online web service for its features that allow easy broadcast of your voice message to your colleagues and friends. You can easily draft and listen to podcasts. With your own set of numerous recordings, you can maintain an online voice directory.

For journalists, Evoca is a great tool to format and save stories with voice recordings and share history or important days in history to a plethora of online audience orally.

For creative people like singers, Evoca gives a great opportunity to record their song and narratives and share it with myriad online listeners. If you are a blogger you can also make your blog more authentic by adding your voice to it.

Each online recording can last for 15 minutes. To get started with Evoca, all you need to do is open your account with Evoca Express and record your voice via your PC’s microphone. Or simply use your phone and call Evoca Tell. This will record an absolute clear voice and attach it to the medium you want to send it across to.

You do not have to spend anything to test this online service. They have a 30 day trial during which your can test all the features available under Evoca Express Pro for absolutely no cost. If you are happy with the service, you can continue with Evoca Express Pro at $4.95 / month or even upgrade to higher services.

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