MP3 Audio Recorder Free

MP3 Audio Recorder Free is used for recording audio in real time from multiple sources such as streaming, microphone etc. It also converts the recorded files into the popular formats such as MP3 and OGG. It also can convert WAV files into MP3 files.

The recorded audio is saved in the desired format without any need for compression or conversion. This facility is extremely useful for many applications like audio presentations, narrations, web-podcasts, recording web radio stations, and preparing class lecturers. Since the audio recording can be done from multiple devices and into multiple formats, the practical applications are endless.

The application has an extremely user friendly interface and the output quality is excellent. It can also be interfaced many other players such as Real player, Windows Media Player, Quick Time and Flash. While recording, there is no need for any post production efforts and it is almost the real time recording. The program also has hotkeys which facilitate recording and scheduling.

It is also possible to do various customizations such as bit rate, sampling rate, bit depth and the compression rate required. It is also possible to schedule a recording and you can even start the recording automatically with voice activation to start and stop

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