Record Your Favorite Movies By just Setting A timer On SkyBoxS9

If you are a movie buff and want to have a huge collection of your favorite movies, then the best way is to keep recording f your favorite ones and feel free to watch them anytime by just clicking on the Play button. However for this purpose, you’ll need to do some settings and scheduling of a Timer to start the recording of programs/movies in certain time without any intervention. Thus, follow the below mentioned steps online casino and just relax:


Go to Menu then to the System Setup and then Press Timer Settings. Here, you will find eight types of timers to record your events. Click on one of them, follwed by the OK button, the pop up with the Timer setting configuration with be displayed on your screen. Fill the details depending on your choices.

For example, you can select the timer mode to implement it once or on daily basis, in a repeated mode, Adhere to the terms of switching a channel under timer settings, select the Wakeup Channel of your choice. It should not be limited to the information in detail such as the time, exact date and when to take the action.

Click on “Save” button and it is done.

With the help of SkyBoxS9 application, you can easily utilize the features of recording your favorite programs and you won”t miss your any favorite programs/movies, which you will receive through a satellite.


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