Recover your Forgotten Password of Excel Spreadsheets Using Office Password Recovery Tool

It often happens that people tend to forget their passwords after securing their files with password. People protect their spreadsheets file to secure from unauthorized usages therefore store it with password protection.

However some times people forget their password and it is very difficult to find out lost password. Now you can extract your lost password from spreadsheet using Office Password Recovery tool.
It is a complete freeware tool that detox diet plans may include a diet recommendations, colonic hydrotherapy, herbs and supplements, and exercise. designed to recover forgotten or lost passwords. This application is featured with simple and interactive user interface. You just browse that file from which password needs to be extracted. It will take only few moments to get unlock the encrypted file.

You need not to worry about your contents, it will intact and remain the same as it was. This password recovery utility tool allows you two options

• Decrypt spreadsheet and read out your contents
• Unlock your spreadsheets permanently.


  1. forget excel password?
    there is a popular solution for those who have been locked out by excel worksheet. For this solution, what you need is a password recovery tool,my favourite is SmartKey Excel Password Recovery, you can Download this software from its official site.
    With SmartKey Excel Password Recovery, you can open you excel spreadsheet without data lost.


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