One more online video service ? This time, the social bookmarking giant Reddit has come up with their own video site – They are promoting only ‘hot’ videos, in the sense, videos that are already accepted and rated well by users on other video sharing network like YouTube.

It’s not a new video sharing site, not yet. They have a small list of categories, unlike other sites (at times it’s really nice to be niche oriented, as the niche users will know where to head when they are looking for content). My favorite categories are: WTF and TED (WTF makes you go WTF!!! and TED helps your brain cells replenish with some great thoughts and possibilities).

They also have an option to leave comment for each video, and as one can expect, this is linked back to their main site – , which means you need to have a reddit account to leave any comment – ‘back end marketing’ eh :).

Another interesting feature is, each video has a ‘tweet me’ associated with it, and with twitter spreading like wildfire (spreading like wildfire is an understatement :)), it will surely help get more and new visitors.

I see no reason why will not be a success. Good features, great targetting and a mother company with more than a few million eye balls viewing every month, is in safe and sound hands!


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