Remove And Uninstall Updates Using The Windows XP Update Remover

Updating your Operating System is one of the most essential things. Users for their own convenience switch on the Automatic Updates. The OS automatically checks the website for new updates and downloads them to the system if available. Updates basically are in the form of some security patches, service packs, hot fixes etc. but they are essential because they provide security from the latest threats.

The convenience of automatic updates comes along with some drawbacks. One of the drawbacks is that some of the newly installed updates might give some technical or compatibility issues. The solution of this problem is pretty simple. The easiest technique to get away with this problem is to uninstall the updates and take the system back to its earlier state.

To remove or uninstall the installed updates, follow the following steps:

  • Open the control panel of the system.
  • Click on the command indicating removal of installed programs.
  • From there select the last updated install and uninstall it.



Another way to do the above mentioned operation is by using the WindowsXP Update Remover. This free application is extremely useful and allows users to easily uninstall or remove the last installed updates.

This application can be downloaded from the following link Here

The application on being installed provides a list of updates already installed in the system. The user can select the update he/she wants to remove and successfully complete the operation. The application is tremendously user friendly and is very simple to implement.


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