Remove Antivirus Live From Your System Completely

Antivirus Live is another fake and unreliable Antivirus suite like Internet Security 2010 and Antivirus System Pro. The main function of this rogue antivirus is generating Trojan viruses to your system and showing false alerts to make convince users that their system is under threats. It automatically sets itself as the startup program and runs every time when your system reboots.

Why does it produce fake alerts and warning? It only forces you to purchase the full version of the product in order to delete threats from your system. It is quite obvious that whenever you see threats, you approach to delete them instantly. But, this antivirus doesn’t allow you delete those fake threats until you buy the full version. It will be pooping up several notifications and warnings in order to interrupts your working. Make sure that you will never get trapped with this rogue antivirus trap.


This program is smartly designed so it can protect itself from being removed. It prevents few programs to be started and block them permanently by mentioning an error message such as file is corrupted or infected. Moreover, it changes the settings of web browsers in a manner so users can directly land over the Antivirus live webpage instead of any other Webpage.

There are two ways to get rid of this annoying problem either you purchase the full version of this rogue antivirus or use manual method to remove it from your computer. Since it is a virus so buying it is not recommended at all. These below given links will help you to find out the tutorials to delete or uninstall Antivirus Live permanently.


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