The popularity of Symbian OS cell phones is the reason for rise in number of Viruses written targeting Symbian.

One of the recent and most common virus is the Commwarrior virus. When your cell phone is infected by the Commwarrior virus, you’ll see a message – ‘Infected by Commwarrior‘ around the operator logo on the main screen of your cell phone / mobile phone.

Commwarrior is a bit of an annoying virus, as it starts shutting down and restarting your phone automatically. It also spreads itself by send a copy of the virus to your friends and family listed in your phonebook, as a message. When they open the message, their phone too will be infected by Commwarrior, just the way your phone was, when you opened the Commwrrior virus message.

There is no need to panic as you can remove this virus yourself without having to go to a mobile phone repair shop.

Here’s how you can remove, clear and clean the commwarrior virus from your Nokia cell phone :

1> Remove the memory card from your cell phone and keep it in a clean and safe place.
2> Turn on your cell phone and key in #7370#
3> Security code prompt comes up, if you have set a security key, then key it in, else key in the default security key which is 12345.

This step is actually hard resetting your mobile phone. Which means that you might lose all data if you have not backed it up and moved it on to the memory card. Hence it is very important that you remove the memory card before performing this process.

Chances are that your memory card may also be infected by the virus. To remove the virus from memory card, put it on a card reader, connect it to your PC, either run one of the latest anti-virus software on it or format it if the anti-virus fails to remove the virus (You’ll end up losing the data here), which should clean it up.

Put the memory card back in your cell phone, restart the cell phone, which is now clean of the Commwarrior virus.


  1. sir in my nokia 6600 now fb is unable install. Earlier it was running sucessfully. But after format it nt working. Bt browser like opera fb works. Bt in phn browser it unable to open. Get reply-services is unable to create to create secure connectiƶn to this service. Kindly help me ? On 9889248101

  2. Hi..friend i am using a nokia 5233 phone and my phone memory is lossed by dangerous virus i install a mobile guard app but i failed to delete those viruses tell me friends what i will do in this pro.

  3. Hie,, m using nokia 5233 nd my phone automatically reboots , can anyone tell me how to overcome this…?

  4. 46% of my phone is damaged and applications do not open and my airtime also gets less by the minute when I am on the net.


  5. Hi, could you assist me in telling me how can I remove system.secdog virus for my Nokia E63 mobile phone.

    Thanks a mil.

  6. hi , im iranian boy . i want to thanks you, because u solve my biggest problem. my phone is nokia 6630 and i solve my problem with your help , tnx my friend

  7. hello,
    mere pas nokia6600 hai, aur usme jabhi koy sms aata hai to apne aap us no. K mms chala jata hai,
    me blutooth off rakhta hu to bhi dusro me mera bt. On rehta hai,
    me kese es virus ko nikalu pls. Help me.pls. Help me.

  8. How do i free up space on my nokia C5-00,
    and my memory card keeps mixing songs or plays a different song when i select the one i want to play.
    Pliz help me.

  9. How can i deep reset, as that by pressing 3 * call and power, in C5 – 03, Nokia set, screen touch.

  10. I am using C5-03, Nokia, can any suggest me how can i connect to the net, coz there is some virus or the system is curropted.

  11. could everybody pls help me removed the virus name sex.mp3 in my nokia n70.pls help i tried all the tips and tricks you already said but still the virus are there.tnx

  12. today when i was delete my messages my phone nokia 2700 classic was hang and does’nt start what can i do ?

  13. my mobile is 6303 classic always show memory full only 6 or7 kb free only used space is only6 mb

  14. My phone is Nokia 6151, when ever am reading my message and got to a particle message limit while scrolling, my phone will just trip off and on again. And another one is that, when ever i wanna download game or any other thing from a site in the net, it will download the file to 100, after which it will say downloading fail. please help me oon how to format it.

  15. i am try to following *#7370# formate done .but my problem is sms send by defolt so pl. tell me another link to remove this multimedia send virus urgent i will be waitting for your reply

  16. Mere pas 6630 he me jab bhi ovi suite se conect karta hu to inttal software nahi ho te pehle hote the i think ye vairas hi he mene phone ko reset bhi kiya lekin kuch nahi hua

  17. my 6600 is sending files using bluetooth. but my blue tooth is turned on. i believe my phone has virus but i dont know how to remove it. i have to go to a pc or cell station and have it fixed and its quite expensive

  18. if i type in #7370# it shows ‘result unknown’. but i scanned ma memory card by using a card reader. what should i do 4 scanning ma mobile?

  19. if i type in #7370# it shows ‘result unknown’. but i scanned ma memory card by using a card reader. what should i do 4 scanning ma mobile.

  20. @gone
    i downlaoded kapersky and broke my whole phone i couldnt do anything with it anymore. it is hanging. doesnt charge. and the computer doesnt recognize my phone when i connected it through usb. anybody help me please …i am desperrate. sorry for my spelling.

  21. i hav nokia n70 whenever i brows using bolt free browser its dificult to download or even save page because when i try they ask me to select file destination and when i select either phone memory or mmc they kip on teling me canot download for sucurity reasons. pls help me deactivate this security reason

  22. plz help! i cannot save configuration settings on my nokia 6085 because it always shows “Cannot add new account. Memory full.” everytime i attemt to save config. settings. i already deleted all the files saved in phone memory but still doesn’t work . what should i do?..pls i really need help so badly.

  23. i have nokia 6630 my prob is that i am not recieving the msgz but the msgs are snding.. the prob occurs that a warning came that memory full del items etc etc i have deleted everything but the prob is still there please help me

  24. Hie, I have nokia n70 phone, internet is working properly, it goes to all website but whenever I try to download some thing it just try and then just come back to the main web page, again I press for download option, again it does the same coming back to the main webpage, or sometime it says that connecting download page has some problem. please help me I fail it is has virus

  25. I have a nokia 2600C. but I can’t use any Airtel SIM in this set(no network show, & no incoming & outgoing is possible).but with another operator SIM (reliance, vodafone etc) How can I solve this problem.

  26. my memory card is not accessinng,i saw before in d PC dere is a virus named
    Trojan Horse,wat i supposed 2 do with dat

  27. can anyone help me, my nokia 6600 is always restarting and sometimes it shuts down automatically.what should i do?

  28. hi!my phone is 6600 and it is infected by commwarrior virus,i remove my memory card and i put it on as u said.but i can’t remove it,i did as what you said for your instruction.please help me to remove this.

  29. i just want to know what type if virus is on my cellphone right now cause it automatically sent photos or mms whenever recieved msgs. do you know how can i remove it or what type of virus do i have?

  30. @Gautam
    it’s ok! blame it on a typo^^ i’d just like to add…before u try this set a password for ur mmc if u haven’t set up one already. i had removed the password, n after i put the mmc in, it kept on asking for a password.
    yup, u cant access c drive…and as far as i know mmcs dont come with a factory password. gautam, any idea on how to get around this without using an external software? thanks

  31. @daisy ababa
    you just need to remove your memory card, not your SIM card. i’ve noticed many people don’t put the slot back properly when they remove the MMC in 6600. make sure that you put the slot back properly after you remove your mmc, ensure that your sim card is in the slot. let me know if it worked out. the service command is for resetting ur phone to their original setting. back up ur data. i’ve been using 6600 since 2004, it’s a good, sturdy piece and even after all these years i still hang on to it^^
    oh, and the command isn’t #7073# it is *#7073#.

  32. Hie i can’t make any call my phone goes off and on and automatically go to commwarrior’s website.Help me to remove commwarrior from my N70 Nokia.Please help.

  33. Good morning, after I remove my memory card from my cellphone, when I turn it on….. it will comes up with a message ” INSERT SIM CARD”, how will I key in the #7370#? If I will key in hardly the #7370#, the message will be ” Emergency calls only!”


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