Remove Data from your Computers securely so that No One can restore it

Removing data from your computer by pressing delete button is not enough because anyone can restore it directly from the recycle bin. Some people use Del + Shift button to delete the files or orders permanently from the computer hard drive. However it is not quite secure also because there are many restore tools available in the market that can restore your data easily.

If you want to delete it permanently from your computer without leaving chance for recovery, you have to use Prevent Restore application. This application allows you delete your files and data from your system securely so that no one can restore it again.

Key features of Prevent Restore

• It prevents files to recover by overwriting on disk space
• It is an user friendly application and easy to use
• It works on your flash drive, SD cards etc.
• It removes any temporary and cached files associated with deleted data.

Download Prevent Restore


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