Remove Data From Your PC Securely Using Disk Scrubber

Whenever you delete files from your computer’s hard disk, they do not get totally removed but still occupy the space inside. Despite the fact that the space occupied by these deleted files is considered as free space, the contents remain intact on the hard disk.

If you resell the hard disk or just give it to somebody, you might face a risk of exposing any private data to others. It is very important for you to make sure that the data which you delete from your hard disk is completed removed.

Therefore, it is ideal to use Disk Scrubber, a powerful tool that removes data from your hard disk securely so that it cannot be recovered in future. Disk Scrubber comes with a user-friendly GUI design which makes the tool pretty simple to use. Using Disk Scrubber, you may delete an entire disk drive and be sure that the deleted data is actually removed.



However, you need to note that, once you delete any data using Disk Scrubber, it cannot be recovered using any kind of disk recovery software. Therefore to be on a safer side, it is always good to confirm that the data which you delete using this utility is no more useful.

You need to have MS Framework 2.0 installed on your PC in order to use Disk Scrubber. You may download Disk Scrubber free of charge. This tool supports most Windows operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista, 2000 and 2003.


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