Remove Invalid and Duplicate Bookmarks Using CheckPlaces Firefox Add-ons

There are many people who spend more time in browsing over the internet. Adding favorite websites in bookmark folder allows people to access those websites instantly.  However it is quite an annoying job to find the right websites from the stored bookmarks, especially if you stored lots of websites. Though you cautiously save websites in bookmarks, sometimes you add a website more than one time.

In that situation you need to remove duplicate links to manage your bookmark folder properly. There is add-on for Firefox web browser named, CheckPlaces which help you in managing your bookmark folder by removing duplicate links and checking validation of websites.



There is 3 options available to perform manage bookmarks such as “Check pages exist”, “Check for duplicates”, Check for empty folders”. The first option monitors and scans valid links in order to identify which one is valid to visit. Next option monitors duplicate websites in bookmark folder and prompt you to delete. 

Once you lunch this application on your computer you will get summary of checked bookmarks on your screen via this add-on. You just need to download CheckPlaces add-on on your computer and install it in your Firefox web browser to run it instantly.


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