These days the Internet is filled with unknown viruses and Trojans which are affecting a lot of computers connected to the web in spite of the fact that some antivirus is already loaded in the system. Koobface is one of those computer worms which mainly target the members and profiles of social networking websites. Recently it has starting intriguing into Twitter which is immensely popular among web users. Koobface often attacks the most sensitive information of users which include secret credit details.

It has been detected in the very recent time that Koobface has started sending tweets to many of the users with various urls and all of them lead to Koobface itself. Initially these used to be very small urls which were still detectable. But these days the urls are quite long (hiding the actual infected links) and affecting more number of users. The only solution at this point of time is that the users should stop clicking on the links that they get as tweets. No idea what Twitter has planned for the accounts infected by Koobface.

Other social networking sites that are commonly affected by this worm include MySpace, Face book, Hi5 etc. There are quite a number of variant forms under this particular category of worms. Users should be aware of the links at the search engines and other sites that look interesting but actually are forms of Koobface. Commonly it is said that only the Microsoft operating systems have faced infections due to Koobface. Other system users can still be considered safe from this aspect.

This can be easily prevented provided a bit of care is taken by users. Never download files from unkown sources or if you are not sure if it was sent to you. Koobface virus is very commonly sent as attachment in EMails, so avod suspicious EMails.

If your system is already infected by koobface virus then you can get rid of the koobface virus by running a complete scan using the anti-virus installed on your system. This will get rid of Koobface. If you do not have any anti-virus software installed on your system then you can download AVG for free.

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