Remove Traceable Tracks In Firefox Browser With New Private Browsing Feature

Now days, the hot issue in the Internet world is the privacy, and many people are raising their concerns over privacy matters in the internet. For  example attack on the system, scattering bugs and spyware, losing the personal data and so on. The online activity of the users on the net can be traced back easily by someone else, which is by getting the browsing history information, cache, and cookies etc.

Considering the privacy issues which are getting an increasing attention and focus, most of the browsers are making some excellent improvements in the privacy features. Now the Firefox 3.1 (Beta) is highlighting the feature named as “Private Browsing”, and the Private feature is also introduced in the latest Internet Explorer 8. Privacy is a significant issue which is extremely valued by most of the internet users.

The all new feature named as “Private Browsing” in the forthcoming Firefox version 3.1 is provided with an option to surf the net in more securely. Your online actions will be removed from your computer and they cannot be traced by anyone else. Typically, users usually prefer to remove the information stored in the browser, for example cookies, history etc.

Nevertheless, by removing this stored information, it will have an effect on your browsing practice. For example, you cannot get some sites back that you have visited previously. In the Private Browsing feature, you can choose to eliminate the traces of specific visited websites as well.


You can select for Private Browsing Feature by going to the Tool Menu an hour to make sure that the Firefox doesn’t saves and store any type of information. Before selecting the Private Browsing type you will be prompted by a dialogue box which ask for affirmation to store and shut all of the existing tabs. After the confirmation you can begin the Private Browsing type.

The Non-private browsing mode will be closed after that, and a new private browsing mode will be initiated. You can now choose to browse their internet in a much private manner without leaving any type of tracks that are traceable. You can also revert to the non-private browsing session by going through Tool Menu and retuning the browsing type.

The feature of Private Browsing can be a veiled in the pre-release edition of Firefox 3.1. However, all the versions released after the Firefox 3.1 Beta have this feature now.


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