Removing and Deleting A Route Rule from the Windows Routing Table

IP routing table is responsible to manage and controls he flow of data packets. It means when you connect to a network routing table, it controls how data is being forwarded and communicated with the host computer.

Windows operating system manages all rules of the routing table automatically. However, route rules could get defined incorrectly, especially in complex networks. Such networks normally have multiple adapters, and they are quite difficult environments to manage. People sometime add incorrect route rules which would then mean deleting them. The final solution of this problem is the deletion of incorrect routing table and adding new routing table.

Follow these steps to delete routing tables from windows:

1. Click on start then open run and type cmd to open command prompt. In vista and windows 7 use search option to get command prompt.
2. The syntax for deleting routing table is: route delete [destination]
Example: route delete:
3. Now press enter to execute the given command to delete that route from the windows
4. View routing table after deletion to ensure that it has been deleted properly from the computer.

Alternatively, you can remove routing table using routing and remote access management console:

1. Click start and go administrative>routing and remote access console
2. Now open the computer node in console tree. If routing and remote access management is not configured, then you can configure it easily by choosing configure and enable routing and remote access.
3. Now the IP routing child has to be expanded
4. Right click over static routes and for ’show IP Routing Table’ from the menu
5. You will get static routes in right pane, locate the route which one you want to remove.
6. Now right click on it and select delete option.
7. Finally static route will be removed from your computer completely.

These are two basic ways of removing static IP routing tables


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