Removing Watermarks from Windows 7 Desktop

Watermarks which are a norm associated with Microsoft’s windows operating system are also seen on Windows 7 OS. Even vista operating system had watermarks imprinted on its desktop. These watermarks appear only when certain conditions are met.

The common watermarks which are seen on the desktop are as follows:

  • Watermark which displays “for testing purposes only” whenever a user initiates the installation of a RC from beta copy of the windows 7 operating system
  • Watermark displaying “evaluation copy” when activation of installed windows OS is not complete.
  • Watermark displaying “test mode” when test signing mode is enabled. Representing that the non-ca category self signed certificates can be used.
  • Watermark “safe mode” when a user boots from the safe mode.

A user can delete the above watermarks from the desktop with the help of a hack. This hack modifies a system file named “user32.dll.mui” which removes all the strings associated with the watermark. Users who are unaware about the technicalities can download a script which will remove all the watermarks from the desktop.

The watermark removal script for windows 7 is designed for specific versions of OS. A user has to ensure the correct version compatible with its operating system while downloading the script.

A complete tool for removing watermark from Desktop called the “Remove Watermark” supports every language and version of windows. It even accepts 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems.

Download Remove7Watermark (Build 7000 Windows 7)

Download Remove7Watermark (Build 6956 Windows 7)

Run the patch remove7watermark.exe. Now restart your system to establish the changes after patching. This script supports US English only for windows 7 OS.

Tip: if this batch stops working, then try removing watermark patch which supports all the windows versions and languages.

This script installs a new patched system file “user32.dll.mui” after creating a backup for the original “user32.dll.mui” in the system drive stored in the location %Systemdrive%\user32backup\. The user32.dll.mui.bak, backup file is stored in the path %Windir%\system32\En-us\.

To uninstall this patch, restore or reset the watermarks. Replace or copy the backup file to its original place or original name.


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