Rename Various files easily Using Bulk Rename Utility

Do you want change name of files or folders quickly? There is a utility named, Bulk Rename which allows users to rename single or multiple folders instantly on defined criteria. It is very simple to use as it has a very user friendly interface. You can add specific date, time, numbers, convert case, insert auto numbers, etc using this tiny utility.



You can easily customize your files and folders according to your convenience using Bulk Rename utility. It shows you the list of the files and folders as well as display preview before renaming them.

Users can rename images and photos using EXIF data such as date and time, resolution of picture and other information that are embedded in every JPG files. Additionally users rename mp3 files using ID3 tags. It is completely a freeware and you can download it easily from the web in order to make easier your renaming process.


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