If you are installing Windows XP Mode, then in the initial stage of setting it up, you are required to create a new password for its default account. XP Mode of Windows will remember the details of users like name and password and will save it in its memory for the future use by default for the users of XPMUser and thus, the integration features can be enabled directly to log on to desktop Windows Virtual PC.

However, sometimes users do not feel like assigning or setting up any password for Windows XPMUser user account and set its password, and leave it as null or blank. In such a situation, users could face a problem and get a prompt message by Windows Virtual PC stating the password entered is incorrect or wrong, especially when they try to log onto XP Mode of Windows in spite of the details entered being valid or correct.

Most of the users also face problems when they fail to recollect the user ID and password, which they had set initially while configuring Windows XP Mode and thus may not be able to login. Here are some tips and tricks to resolve this issue of incorrect or wrong password message on XP Mode of Windows.

Trick 1: Reinstall XPM and reset the password of XPMUser.

During the installation of Windows XPMUser, specify a new password for its default account. If the user does not know or has forgotten the password, then the only option left is to reinstall XP Mode of Windows. Once it is reinstalled, the user can set a new password for it.

One of the problems with this method is you’ll loose all your data, and also it’s a time consuming process, so if you are in urgency, then definitely this should be the last option and not your first. I suggest, the second trick is better to try out for most users, unless you have no important data that losing it would not make any difference.

Trick 2: Use Your Default Administrator Account to Log On.

Try to access your Windows XP Mode with the default administrator account named as ‘Administrator’, which is generally created to display the account in Safe Mode. There is no password setting for Administrator’s account by default, and thus it is useful to reset the password for other accounts.

Perform below mentioned steps to get it done:

  • On Windows XP Mode windows, click on Tools-> Disable the Integration Features.
  • Restart the Windows XP Mode.
  • Press F8 and wait for the Boot Menu to be displayed at startup. Hold the F8 key for the Startup menu till Windows appear.
  • On Advanced Menu Option in Windows, choose Safe Mode before selecting Enter.
  • Use Administrator account and password to log into Windows.
  • Note: The password will be blank by default if already you have not set it.
  • In Safe Mode logging, click Start, go to Run and type in nusrmgr.cpl and press Enter.
  • Select the user you wish to modify and Click Reset Password.
  • Set a new password.
  • Click Advanced tab, Click Advanced button.
  • Click Users.
  • Choose the user you want to modify in the right side pane and click Properties.
  • Check and tick the box of Password never expires.
  • Click OK.
  • Restart Windows XP Mode to the normal mode by quitting the settings.

You must click on the “Remember my credentials” box, in order to permanently save your password, once you logout on Window’s XP Mode.

Trick 3:

Log on without enabling Integration Features.

Windows XP Mode Integration Features need user account with password to log on. Use the trailing steps to fix a password and after configuring the Virtual Machine to store the credentials, so that it does not prompt for the password each time to open the programs.


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