If you are looking for a free service to resize images / pictures online, then do not think twice – just head to ResizR. (Related: Create workflows and flowcharts freely online)

ResizR is an easy-to-access web service that enables users to resize their pictures in just a span of few minutes. They allow you to change the length and breadth of your picture from a web or a local computer. ResizR has gained immense popularity owing to its easy access and absolutely no installation charges.

Before ResizR, Adobe was one of most popular image editing and creating tools. However, Adobe, loaded with numerous features is much more than just an editing tool. It is predominantly used to beautify the pictures to produce a perfect image. Hence, those looking for just a little crop here and there, opt for the means of ResizR.

If the picture is saved in your computer, then press the browse button to select the desired picture intended to be edited. Then enter the width and length value in the respective sections. Then click on ResizR to start the editing process. You can also resize the pictures from the website without having the need to save them. Simply select the option, “From Web” and paste the URL address of the picture. Click ResizR to initiate the resizing process. You can further edit the pictures by rotating them in the desired angles. You can set the particular angle of the picture by rotating it clock wise from 0 degrees to 270 degrees. Once you have uploaded the image, it will be available in the form of “From web image” which will be deleted within a span of twenty four hours.

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