Internet explorer 8 has a command bar or toolbar which are available for all other versions of IE. However these have very few extra benefits for the users. You can change the appearance of the toolbar as per your requirement. You are also provided with an option of customizing the command bar according to one’s own preferences. There are plenty of option that you can select to customize the Command bar (Toolbar). You can add or remove the buttons from the toolbar or enable the option to show or hide text on the toolbar buttons. You can even re-size the toolbar, make changes in appearance of the toolbar icons etc.

This time we are focusing only on one of the options and that is how to resize the toolbar. Few simple instructions are given that will help you to change the size of the toolbar. They are as follows:

1. Open the Internet Explorer by double clicking on the icon.

2. Search the toolbar or command bar and right click anywhere on the toolbar.

3. You will be able to see some options in a toggle, look for Lock the Toolbar, and click on it to remove the check mark. If the check mark is already invisible, then there is no need of this step.

4. Then click on the toolbar separator which you will find at the upper left corner of the Internet Explorer 8 and drag it to either the right or left side to increase or decrease the size of toolbar as per your need.

You may have to lock the command bar again after resizing is done.

By following these simple steps you can re-size your command bar as per your requirement. By resizing the tool-bars you can make your screen look big or small based on your use and convenience.


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