Resolve Your Windows 7 Start Menu Shrinks or Drops Below Taskbar Errors

Occasionally your Windows 7 start menu shrinks or drops down under the taskbar. This abnormal behavior of Windows 7 creates problem while working on your computer. Generally, because of this problem your system might shutdown or the search option might pop up. This abnormal behavior of Windows7, Start Menu error occurs occasionally.

However, what happens if it starts occurring frequently and you have to resolve or fix the errors. It leads to some big troubles for users to work on their computers normally. Therefore, you need to resolve this problem as soon as possible to get your system free form this error.

There is a simple trick to fix Start Menu errors instantly to restore the start menu to its genuine positions.

  • Initially, unblock the taskbar by right clicking in the taskbar and uncheck the Lock Taskbar option.
  • Now shift the taskbar to another location on your desktop either move over the right side, left side or at top of the desktop, before dragging it to the official location.
  • Now place it over the exact or original location.
  • Once it will be placed over the original location, Start Menu will be recovered under taskbar.

If this trick doesn’t work, go for the customization option from your start menu. You just need to right click on the start menu and navigate to Properties>>Customize. Finally, apply the changes. You will be shown start menu on its original location instantly.


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