Restoring MMS And VVM On Iphone If They Do Not Function After Applying The Tethering Hack

Once you hack an iPhone, there is a great deal of chances that the phone’s Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) or Virtual Voicemail (VVM) functions are not working at all. This happens incase you do not pay anything to the mobile subscriber and try to facilitate internet tethering services.

This may happen for all versions of iPhone, be it iPhone 2G, the first generation of iPhone, or iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.

The main reason behind the occurrence of this problem for multimedia messaging services or virtual voicemail functions is the fact that, when you try to enable internet tethering function, a new file with the extension of .ipcc is created.

This carrier file is used to enable the internet tethering function which is created with the loading of a new profile called as the Mobileconfig configuration profile. This .ipcc file would enable the internet tethering services, but would disable all the functions related to Multimedia Messaging Services or Virtual Voicemail service.

The simple solution to keep your internet tethering services in place as well as fix the problems occurring in Multimedia Messaging Services and Virtual Voicemail services is to reset the phone’s network settings.

For this you have to follow just a simple path, go to Settings select General, now select Reset and finally reset the phone’s network settings by choosing Rest Network Settings option.

There is one more alternative solution to fix this problem. However by following this path, you will disable all settings related to internet tethering and the option to it will no longer be visible for you. You can do so by following this path, go to Settings select General, now select Network finally reset the APN for Visual voicemail as adcs.voicemail and by taking the option Cellular Data Network.


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