Firefox, undoubtedly is the best browser according to me, except those times when it fails to recognize some of my tags, which IE recognizes otherwise ;).

One of the few disadvantages of Firefox that makes me grit my teeth is, Firefox’s habit of using my system resources. Firefox, when compared to the other browsers uses a lot of resources and slows down the system. It gets worse if you put a few Add On’s and open a couple of tabs where you browse different sites simultaneously. They should optimize their multi threading a bit more I guess ;).

I had high hopes on Firefox 3 and was hoping those folks would do something about this issue and fix it, but darn!! …  seems like nothing has changed in this front. The browser still eats up my RAM!

However, I did find a cool little trick that one can put in use to optimize RAM usage by Firefox:

1> Open ‘Firefox
2> Go to the ‘Address Bar
3> Type in ‘about:config‘ and hit Enter.
4> Right Click on the page that loads up and select ‘New‘->’Boolean‘.
5> Enter ‘config.trim_on_minimize‘ in the box that pops up and select OK / hit enter.
6> Select the value as ‘True‘ and select Enter.
7> Restart a much better and faster Firefox.

This tweak won’t solve the Firefox-slow-loading problem completely, but u can say that the fix definitely gives a moment or two of relief.


  1. Thank you very much! Ignore the haters, you just saved my ancient laptop (which is my only connection to the net while my pc is getting fixed) from getting snapped in two… lol x

  2. Tnx for the post. It is an old tip but still nice.
    Who doesn’t like it or misses info – he’s free to dig deeper.
    And I don’t think that much internet users have ‘small disks’ anyway.

  3. uh, wait. I just read the link. so the reason why this is only a momentary relief is because it just allows the memory used by Firefox to be swapped? It might do more discomfort to those with small hard disks. don’t you think?

  4. well you could be more spcific .. what exactly this does to clear up the memory usage ? disables javascript , disables flash .. etc .. c’mon ..if you really want to help than you should give more info to people, otherwise STOP MAKING SILLY BLOGS


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