Protected Storage PassView v1.63 is a freeware that reveals the passwords stored on your computer by Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and MSN Explorer after reading Protected Storage encrypted content. Besides auto complete password the utility also displays autocomplete strings. Only passwords of the current user can be revealed.

The software displays Outlook passwords of Outlook express or POP3 accounts when they have been stored in the Protect storage because the remember password option has been checked in the account options. The log in passwords of websites browsed, that are saved in Protect storage because you have activated the internet explorer’s remember password option also are revealed by Protected Storage PassView v1.63.

How To Reveal Passwords Stored In Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and Msn Explorer

The passwords of websites that can be accessed with “Basic Authentication” or “Digest Access Authentication” and which have been stored in Protect Storage because you have checked the remember password option of internet explorer, will also be displayed by the software. Sign-up passwords and AutoComplete passwords stored by the MSN Explorer browser in protect storage can also be exposed by the program.

Protected Storage PassView v1.63 is compatible with Windows operating system- Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP and Internet Explorer versions 4-6. Version 1.63 has a new ‘Protected Storage Type’ column that displays the Protected Storage structure item type.

No installation process of dll is needed to run Protected Storage PassView v1.63. The executable has to be placed in a folder and run to use this software. Passwords can be saved to readable or tab-limited text file or copied to clipboard. The export/import feature allows moving passwords and autocomplete strings to another computer/ another OS on the same computer. The utility also allows you to save raw data of the protected storage in a separate text file so that you can watch this data without further processing. You can translate Protected Storage PassView v1.63 to other languages. Email support is provided.

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