Those people who are used to Sony Ericsson, are obviously used to the high quality and do not usually compromise for anything less. Sony Ericsson have yet again come out with another model Sony Ericsson Spiro, which is making its mark in today’s mobile market. The majority of customers who purchase cell phones, look for great functions at affordable prices.

It looks like Sony Ericsson’s target is to capture these people. A small and easy to manage Spiro is a slightly weight model. It has strong sliding facility, mainly intended for the daily an regular users. The rounded corners and its matte finish [black] gives it an appealing look . the rear end of the w100i bears a big speaker vent and a cut away for the camera lens. You can find a huge volume rocker on the right and a micro USB port and micro SD card too on the left.

Like most other phones the buttons for different functions along with the joy pad[4 way] is situated in the front. In spite of all the buttons fitted well in the right places, the users may often face the problem of usage and may end up having to use their finger tips or nails. The Spiro bears an attractive yet simple look sporting a black alpha numeric keypad and orange backlights. The concaved keypad may be a slight obstruction in messaging because its design makes the zero key which is mapped with the spacebar very inconvenient to handle.

Spiro comes with the basic camera features and very fine music functions although the ear phones are not upto the mark. It is a compact sliding phone weighing about 90 gms. It is a dual-band GSM/GPR/EDGE phone and has a 2MP camera. You have provision to use memory cards upto 16GB and it also promotes the two most popular audio codes – MP3and AAC.

Spiro has a cute design and solid construction. The shiny front is a tad too quick in grasping finger marks, but it does provide the phone with a unique style. It is the rear matte finish that protects it from slipping off easily. Coming back to the origin of Spiro, it was after the near flop show of their Zylo product, and with the increase of iPhones in the market, Sony Ericsson’s researchers had to crack their brains as they had now an extra responsibility of coming up with a gadget with interesting features as well attractive price. That gave rise the Sony Ericsson Spiro W100i, targeting mainly the lower sector of society and making it possible to overlook whatever shortcomings came attached.

But all said and done, Sony Ericsson’s Spiro is no doubt a likeable device, thanks to its impressive build, quality and decent media playback credentials!


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