If you still haven’t upgraded to WordPress 2.8, I’d say you’ve done the best thing so far.

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Upgrades are normally for the good. A lot of fixes to exisiting problems, bug fixes, new features, enhanced performance all these sound enticing. When it comes to WordPress or as a matter of fact, when it comes to any OpenSource software, I always think twice before upgrading and the reason for this is that it’ s OpenSource !!

The biggest problem with OpenSource products is that though there are no enough resources to test the product before it’s release to the public. OpenSource communities mainly depends on the the user community to go ahead and test the product for them, and they inturn will fix all the problems which the users flag.

If you are wondering when the right time to Upgrade to WordPress 2.8 from WordPress 2.7 is, the answer is you’ll have to research a bit before you take the call. It can be right now, or it can be a while longer. First Google around for common problems people are facing with WordPress 2.8, if you notice too many, then avoid the upgrade. If most of the problems seem simple ones which you can live with, then go ahead and search for possible problems the plugins you have installed might have with WordPress 2.8.

If there are no potential problems then you are good to upgrade from WordPress 2.7 to WordPress 2.8, else wait till all the issues that concern you are addressed. With a popular product like WordPress and a huge community backing it up, the wait time’s really would not be long.

**Update 1** – My Viewpoint on this topic has changed – You can read my latest thoughts here.


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