Tune NVIDIA features with the New RivaTuner 2.04

RivaTuner 2.04 is a powerful tool that helps you tweak the NVIDIA/ATI display adapters that are running on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP. This is the ultimate boon for hardcore gamers as its superb tweaking environment lets you access all of the registry entries and then tweak (tune) these entries so that you can unleash the hidden and unutilized features of the graphics card. In most cases, such tweaks can help to improve the image quality substantially and resolve most of the typical compatibility issues.

RivaTuner supports all of the NVIDIA based display adapters – right from the Riva TNT generation to the most recent GeForce 7 editions. Furthermore, RivaTuner enables you to tune in to any ATIRadeon 800 based display adapter as well as the later editions of the ATI family. Besides the specific case of tuning at the driver-level, all of the other features in RivaTuner are supported by the ATI hardware.

The previously released ATI Radeon 9*00/8*0 editions had low levels of GPU overclocking – however, now the RivaTuner has been launched to serve as a maintenance release for ATI Radeon 9*00/8*0 owners. Moreover, this latest version also includes the new D3DOverider to the triple buffering/Sync fans something to cheer about.

The changes that were incorporated in this edition are:

There are several minor bug fixes that include first of all the fixing of the overclocking algorithms for the ATI R3**/R4** GPUs that were faulty in the previous edition due to the MMIO protection. Among the other bug fixes, the major are the gamma correction anti-aliasing fix for the G7* GPUs, and the installer script bug that prevented automatic updates from installing (particularly if there were spaces in the file name of the update folder. Besides these, this edition of RivaTuner has several interface and localization bug fixes and as a last example, the bug that freezed the application when I/O was not loaded has been taken care of.

Moreover, there are several new features in version 2.04 that include an improved RivaTunerStatisticsServer bundled utility, a reorganized pseudo-3D applications list, several VSync forcing options that are new and updated, and a better hardware monitoring system. Also, the history panel has been improved and the installer too has been notched up a bit. For instance, it now includes PunkBuster-related options in the list.

Lastly, there are several other user interface and other changes in the latest edition and it certainly will give you gamers something new to talk about.

Download latest version of RivaTuner from here.


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