Feedcount is one of the ways of analyzing how popular, a blog or a site is. You can get a free account from http://feedburner.google.com/ and use the tools within to analyze various statistics related to your feed subscribers, from which articles they read / prefer reading to what tools they use to subscribe to your blog – whether through emails or if they use any other feed subscribe services.

Feedburner also gives you tools, to show to the world, the number of visitors who have subscribed to your blog. This Feedcount can also act as a bench mark to advertisers, as advertisers can analyze how popular the site is, depending on the number of subscribers.

But, some bloggers, outrageously lie about their feed count and showcase wrong numbers. This is very easy to implement if you know basic HTML editing. This post will whip all those, unethical bloggers as you can find out the acutal subscriber count using this technique.

First get the feed URL of the blog or site. The feed URL will look like:


Now add ~fc/ to the above URL after .com, so the URL becomes something like :


This will show you the real RSS subscriber count for any blog.

However, this will be available only if the author of the blog has enabled the chicklet display service if not you’ll get a message saying :

FeedCount is not enabled for that feed
Error 403



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