Save All Attachments From Emails In Microsoft Outlook 2007

We tend to normally get emails with attachment, and when we search for them in future, we tend look for emails with attachment individually. If you would like to combine and save them, you could use SaveAllAttachments rather than searching through numerous email lists to manually save them. SaveAllAttachments is an add-in for Outlook 2007 with which you could save all your attachments for future reference and delete them optionally from emails.

SaveAllAttachments is absolutely free to download. Once installed, a small button namely “Save All Attachments” would be displayed on the toolbar and in the File menu. After executing the add-in, you will be prompted with windows where you could select the path to save all the attachments. You could also select to leave a link in the massage body by deleting the attachments from emails. This link will be pointing towards the original location of the file so that you could overwrite the file if it already exists.


SaveAllAttachments is compatible with Windows XP and Vista operating systems for Microsoft Outlook 2007. To get the best results and proper functioning, you should install .Net Framework 3.5 for SP1 and Visual Studio Tools designed for office system 3.0 Runtime. Before downloading SaveAllAttachments, you could download the above two required components with the help of Microsoft website. Just go through the following link to download SaveAllAttachments.


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