Firefox Add-on to Save All Pictures from Currently Opened Window: Save Images

You probably might wonder about how to save all images of opened window in Firefox browser. You can save images one by one on your computer hard disk. There is an add-on named Save Images for your Firefox browser that will enable you to save all files instantly on your computer.

Now with the help of Save Images 0.5.1 add-on, you can store the entire lot of opened tab images instead of saving them one by one. You can customize the file size, format (JPG, GIF, and BMP) and the location to store those image files.

It is very useful from all the perspectives because you can add all images instantly from different tabs.  All you need to do is just download and install this add-on on your Firefox browser and restart web browser to implement the changes instantly.

Right click on the opened webpage and navigate to “Save Images” and also select specific tabs to download images. There is a feature to save image from any specific single tab. It is completely up to you about what you want to save, which is from all tabs’ images or single ones. It supports all versions of Mozilla Firefox web browser whether it is latest or old version.


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