Read the complete tutorial which briefs you how to manage passwords in Firefox.

May be, earlier you never felt the need to save passwords for future auto-login in Firefox and clicked on the ‘Never for this site‘ option of the password manager which popped up the very first time when you logged into a site via Firefox. And now, you have so many passwords that you find it hard to remember each one of them, it’s quite a task in itself. What do you do ? Well very simple, just ensure you that you remove the exception site from the exception list and you’ll be able to save the password for those sites you are comfortable for.

The procedure is give below, and it should save you from all the headaches that you’ve had because of being unable to save passwords for your sites..

How to make Firefox prompt to save password again for an exception site

  1. Open Fixefox then go to “tools” option in menu bar
  2. Click on option
  3. Then click on “security
  4. Click on “exceptions” button.
    In the Exceptions – Saved Passwords window, remove any website that is added to the list by clicking on Remove or Remove

This post will help you remove accidentally saved password from Firefox.


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