If you have Microsoft 2007, then you know there are extra add ons that you can install as a patch to your Microsoft Office 2007 installation that will help you convert, export and save your Office documents as Adobe Acrobat PDF or in Microsoft XPS format.

One temporary catch is that there is a lot of validation tests that will be done while installing the patch which can be very annoying. To get rid of this annoying validations and skip past them, here are the direct download links to SaveAsPDFandXPS.exe, SaveAsPDF.exe and SaveAsXPS.exe :

1> Microsoft Office 2007 Save as PDF and XPS Add-in: SaveAsPDFandXPS.exe

2> Microsoft Office 2007 Save as PDF Add-in: SaveAsPDF.exe

3> Microsoft Office 2007 Save as XPS Add-in: SaveAsXPS.exe

Once you download and install the Add-ins, you will be able to export and save eight 2007 Office programs to XPS format.



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