Saving Flash Files from A Website And Play Them Offline

For creating animations, interactive internet applications and games, flash files are commonly used. In order to play flash games or movies embedded in a web page, Adobe Flash Player is prerequisite which is obtainable for many frequently used web browsers, cell phones and electronic devices.

However, there might be a situation when you wish to save flash files from a website to play them offline. Flash Saving Plug-in is an available plug-in for Internet Explorer and other Explorer based browsers like Maxthon , Avant, etc. which permits you to easily save Flash Files from websites.


This plug-in adds a button to Explorer toolbar. Every time you visit a website page holding flash games, movies or videos, the button exhibits the names of all Flash files that are embedded on the web page. Simply clack on the button and choose the folder to save the flash file. After that, choose a name of the Flash file and the equivalent Flash file will be saved to the specified folder.

For downloading all the flash files in a web page Save All button can be used.

SWF Opener Download


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