Winpooch is protection software for your computer. It protects your system from spyware, adware and many other types of malware. It provides preventive, detective and corrective control for all the Trojans and also the viruses. Winpooch adds value to other virus control programming by incorporating the ability to do real time scanning.

Winpooch is an Open software product and there are no issues of licensing and limited product updates. The entire software is freely distributed and the users are also encouraged to make changes for better functionalities. The support is done by the user community and a new user should not have any problems in using the software.

The software uses a technique called “API hooking” which provides static protection and does not allow registry access to any external program. You also have the choice of running the program from system directory, registry or from the internet. With so many features and flexibilities, the software surely is a hit with the user community.

The program does not have antivirus capability to boast about. It needs to be used along with a sister program to make it a powerful combination for overall protection of the computer systems. The software runs in Windows platform and is available in multiple languages such as Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German apart from English.

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