Recently I blogged about free online alarm services. Found another cool service which lets you schedule your wake up time online and receive wake calls at the sceduled time.

Using Snoozester you can receive scheduled wake up calls on either your home phone or your cell phone or mobile.

To avail this service:

1> Sign up with Snoozester

2> Add a phone number and register it. This service is currently available in US or Canada only.

3> Start Scheduling Calls

You’ll get a call from Snoozester at the sceduled time.

Schedule And Receive Wake Up Calls On Your Cell Phone Or Home Phone

Though you may have a phone that acts as an alarm, or an actual alarm, Snoozesters service can be a great if you are a heavy sleeper. And also, you cannot really carry your alarm if you travel a lot you should make use of Snoozester, as it is readily available anywhere.

Snoozester is a paid service, however they offer 10 free trail credits. If you are happy with the service then you can opt for either monthly service or prepaid service.

They have a Corporate solution too, for your employee if you have any 🙂

Hint: If you can some how trick and register any of your friends phone, then you can trouble them 😉

[ Visit Snoozester ]



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