Search Documents In Local Drive Easily Using Benubird PDF

It is an easy task to manage your files and folders when you buy a new PC. You can easily find any document within no time. However, gradually you tend to store more and more data on the local drive and some of the files get misplaced. In such a situation, you need to have a file management utility which can efficiently search a document and open it instantly as and when required.

Benubird PDF is one such software utility that is well equipped with a simple GUI and broad filtering mechanism which allows you to accurately find the related documents in least time. You simply need to select the folders that you wish to be searched.

By default, Benubird PDF comes with a few ‘collections’ and ‘filters’ which are displayed within the left window pane. This allows you to categories the files automatically so that Benubird PDF arranges them in a neat view. You are further allowed to customize the displayed view using options such as preview, list, navigator, thumbnail, etc.


You do not need to learn much about this software utility. All you need to do is, enter a specific keyword in the ‘Search’ ribbon. You can restrict your searching criteria to Title, All, Subject, Author, etc and Benubird PDF will display the list of documents with all the details. To open a searched file, you need to simply click on the file in the search results.

Apart from all this, Benubird PDF possesses an important additional functionality. You can use Benubird PDF to convert various file formats to PDF format. For doing so, you need to simply right-click on a particular file and select ‘Convert to PDF’. Benubird PDF will instantly convert the respective file to PDF format. This software utility can easily be downloaded from Here.


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