Search Emails Received Or Sent On A Particular Date

The current options of searching for emails in Gmail don’t allow users to search emails or messages received within a particular range of dates. The user can only search messages depending on the range of dates listed in a drop box. The range is shown as 3 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, 12 months and others.

If the user needs to retrieve or access messages received within a specified range of date, then he/she needs to follow the steps mentioned below:

1.  Login to your Gmail account.

2.  Go to the text box indicating Search Mail situated at the top corner of the webpage.

3.  The users can filter messages according to recipient, subject, sender and a specific range of date.

The following syntax is to be followed in order to get desired results

from:[email protected] to:[email protected] subject: greeting after: YYYY/MM/DD before: YYYY/MM/DD

The From: keyword is used to indicate the senders email address, to: is used to indicate the recipients email address, subject: field is for the subject which the user is looking for, the before: and after: field depicts the range of the date within which you are searching the message from.

A simple example is

From: [email protected] after: 2010/07/02 before: 2010/05/01

This gives the messages received from the above said email id and within a period of 2010/07/02 and 2010/05/01.

The above mentioned steps are extremely simple and will surely help you achieve greater precision with respect to the results searched for.


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