Have You Checked Out The New Business Locating Services By Google?

How many times have we been to new city and roamed about trying to find things like shopping malls, restaurants, medical shops and so on. Most of the time we can solve this problem through our computers by searching the location on the internet, but the main issues arises when a person is traveling and not having the convenience of a laptop. At such locating places can become a tiring task.

Google has a solution to this problem. The issue can be easily solved by the help of Google ‘Search with My Location’ service. Here Google helps its users to get familiarized with unfamiliar surroundings. This service is provided to the users on their Windows Mobile phones. The place locating tool has been programmed into these phones to make it possible for travelers to easily locate anything local in a new city, without having to carry a laptop.

The Google ‘Search with My Location’ service uses the Gears Geolocation API technology. It can locate any desired venue and give a feedback to the customer within seconds.

This is an easy to use technology where the user only needs to type the name or keyword of the desired location and the Google ‘Search with My Location’ service will display the list of all the matching places in the city. This makes it very simple to explore any new place as you need not specifically name the place, but also type in what you want and get a list of all the places offering that.

The Google ‘Search with My Location’ service is currently only available to users with Windows Mobile phones with internet explorer. Users should make it a point to check out whether their mobile phones are compatible with this service or not before availing it. This feature is only accessible in UK and US, but as the demand and popularity increases it is likely to expand further.


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