Search Google and Wikipedia Simultaneously With Googlepedia Add-on In Firefox And Google Chrome

Mostly, the web-based free encyclopedia is a favorite site for any internet user. These web-based services offer the simplest way for getting the information right away. Now, here is free software extension which has been especially designed for Firefox browser namely Googlepedia. This all new software extension for Firefox browser makes the process of the data searching more resourceful.

 First, you have to install the Googlepedia add-on into the Firefox browser to use this service. When you search something with the Google search engine, you’ll get the main page of the browser divided in two sections. In the left side, you will get your normal Google results, while in the right section you will get relevant Wikipedia articles. The Wikipedia articles result is based upon the top results of the Google search engine.

Googlepedia helps you to kill two birds with a single stone. You could get both the search results obtained from Wikipedia and Google simultaneously. Obviously, you could freely enlarge each side for full size for better understanding. If you Nar du har gatt inn pa et blackjack kan du velge det spillet du vil prove, og velge a spille for moro skyld. don’t want Wikipedia results with general Google results, you could simply disable Googlepedia.

Googlepedia works well with Windows 98, Linux, Macintosh, Windows NT, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7. This add-on greatly works with Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and above version. Now, the new version of Googlepedia could also be run with Google Chrome browser. Following is list key features of it:

• Convents inner Wikipedia links into the Google search links
• You could use “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature of Google for searching relevant Wikipedia articles
• Provides link of the images to the full-sized versions directly
• Excludes Google AdWords feature
• The page could be expanded to take full advantage of the page
• You could use local language for Wikipedia
• Hide button feature could be used to disable Googlepedia
• Supports Firefox 3
• Interface supports over 7 languagesCzech, German, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese and Dutch

Download Googlepedia.

Googlepedia for Firefox

Googlepedia for Chrome 0.5.8


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