Search Provider As Per Your Own Choice

Search engines are very popular with internet users and are used by users of all ages. It helps you gain information and search for some more facts of any desired topic. There are a number of search engines today such as Google, Yahoo Search, Bing, Alta Vista and lots more.

The Internet Explorer 8 provides Windows Live as its default search engine. If you are comfortable with it then you can add any other search engine as per your choice and can even create a search provider of your own choice. Follow the following steps to add the search provider of your own choice:

  • Go to the Tools tab and click on the Manage Add-ons command.
  • Users will be prompted by the window to manage Add-ons.
  • Click on the search providers tab and the list of providers will be shown

  • Select the provider of your own choice and then you will be prompted to a new window where you have to select the add command.

  • There might be a case that the web browser of your choice is not available in the list, then you have to click the link “Create your own Search Provider”.

  • Open the new tab and then type in the URL of the desired search engine.
  • Copy the address of the desired search engine and then paste it at the box provided at the Add-on Gallery. Give a name to the provider.

  • Press the install provider command and then the toolbar of the new serarch engine is installed.

By following the above mentioned technique, you can easily add any search engine of your own choice.


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