Search Songs And Artist Name With Tunatic Utility

If you are a music lover and always want to keep yourself updated with latest release songs and singer’s name, then you must try to follow a cumbersome process to get all details of the songs. It means you need to type the songs name as keywords in Google search and then look for the name of the artist.

Now there is no need to follow any such lengthy processes in order to search songs associated with the artist’s name. The freeware Tunatic helps you to analyze the song feeds and provide you accurate results of the singer.


Initially to use this freeware utility, users need to download it from here and install it on their computer. The huge and large community of Tunatic users has up-to-date database that stores almost all the song’s information.

If you want to get more accurate results, then connect your audio source directly to the computer. Now play the songs on the computer in silent environment and hope the audio device microphone is sensitive enough to detect songs and match them to the stored data in the database.

Once the process successfully completes, you will be able to see the artist and the song’s name. The Tunatic freeware utility supports both, Windows XP/2000 and Mac OS X. You need to have an internet connection and microphone to perform this task.


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