When you are searching for any particular site you are looking for, you always have to open the explorer of your Mac system and type in the search criteria. It is sometimes a time consuming way and to cut down the time spent for this, the ground breaking software called Monocle has been introduced.

This software can be defined as a search tool. Once installed, it stays in the menu bar and you can launch it with a stroke of a key. This software also gives you the option to alter between different search engines like e.g. Google, MSN or Wikipedia. These search engines are widely used so they are preloaded in the software but the best part is you can load your own new search engine in this software.

Another cool feature of this software is that, it gives suggestion link related to your search criteria which on the other hand makes your search more accurate and compact and you get exactly what you are looking for. These suggestive links provide you with a brief introduction, each time you search.

You can also alter the theme of the software and choose the color of your preference in different search engines. For example, for Google you can choose the color yellow and for yahoo you can choose red. This makes the search process more user-friendly. After all being a MAC product it should become more easier to when it comes to User Experience.

Another feature called the magic engine is also available in this software, which enables you to choose a particular word for a specific search engine, when you type the magic word; the search engine launches itself making this software more interactive. The latest version of this software is available on the web. So go ahead and download this cool software for your Mac operating system.

[ Download Monocole ]


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