When you are running too many applications at the same time and you need another application to load, it gets a little complicated as you have to minimize all your current applications or may have to close them resulting in loss of data. With iSeek you can search anything instantly.

The solution for this problem is available now with brand new software called the iSeek. Mac users can launch or search for a particular program or application without closing the current applications which are running on the system.

Search Within Your MAC System Effectively

Once installed, iSeek enables you to search for any application instantly. It is located in the menu bar after installation and has a search field in which you can type in the application you are looking for and click on ok button. It instantly delivers the application or the program which you are looking for.

It is user friendly software and makes the experience of computer browsing very easy. It has another great feature that is; it can search a name of a website once you have typed in the name of the site in its search box. The usage of this software is not limited in your system as you can also use it in the field of Internet making this software usage more unique.

It also keeps the record of your search so that next time if you need it, you can retrieve it easily through this software which stores all the past data of yours. This software can be installed in any Mac X operating system or any later version of Mac X. It is available on the Internet for download, so go ahead and take advantage of this superb tool.

[ Download iSeek ]

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