Just imagine the situation : You are in a client location or some other remote place and you’ve forgotten some important information that’s on your Laptop or PC at home. It would be great if you could remotely search your system wouldn’t it be ?

Copernic is a company that deals with a lot of search related products and Copernic Mobile is one such product. Copernic Mobile places your computer’s contents within your reach while on the go and when at a remote location. This is because, it impeccably adapts your system content in the interface of a mobile device such as a PDA or a phone with internet access and web browser for viewing. You can access your computer content from a distant computer also. What is more you can even download the viewed document on your mobile gadget if its format is compatible with the widget.

Copernic Mobile places no restriction of the types of computer content you can access. Files, calendar items, emails, pictures and music stored on your system can all be viewed easily by operating the user friendly interface of Copernic Mobile.

Copernic Mobile is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems. You also need to have an internet connection for your computer and Copernic/Windows Vista or XP desktop-search application for using this utility.

You need not worry about security of this service as the communications between their server and your system are encrypted to prevent data theft. Moreover there is an account name and login with password system, that assures data security and privacy. You will have the sole access to your data due to this security system. You data are also never uploaded to their servers.

The software is designed to permit its updating. This program is indeed a boon for businessmen and professionals who have to travel frequently.

Copernic Mobile is evolving into myCopernic-on-the-go which will soon be launched in place of the Copernic Mobile version.

[ Download Copernic Mobile ]


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