Searchmyfiles Tool For Effective Searching On Windows

SearchMyFiles may be the alternative solution for those who are looking for more searching option other than the standard search in Windows. SearchMyFiles is a substitute to the typical “Search for Files and Folders” module in Windows. This application SearchMyFiles permits users to search the files easily in their computers.

That can be followed by defining the searching condition such as by last modified time, by last access time, by wildcard, by created time, by file content, by file attributes and by file size. Using SearchMyFiles, you could search and find out the accurate one at much faster speed.


For time, with the wildcard of *.exe, you will be able to explore all files that are created in the last 20 minutes. With the help of search results you can save into multiple types of files format like text, csv, html and xml.

SearchMyFiles is a tiny utility tool, which comes as a standalone executable application and doesn’t require any installation. You can just double-click on executable file to start the program. This application is an independent platform that supports any version of Windows OS starting from Windows 2000 up to Windows 2008. This is a freeware utility tool and you can download it using this link.



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