Storing your important and sensitive files in the virtual online space is one of the most common practices followed by users. Online storage has gained immense popularity in the past owing to its safe and secured storage facilities. Users can easily store folders, files, presentations in a huge online space for over years without any fear of information leak or accidental loss of information. Following the need for more effective online storage applications, Steekr is the latest offering for reliable and secured storage solutions. Steekr is one of the most potent applications for music, videos and picture storage.

With the means of Steekr, you can easily store, upload and share your stored files by transferring them through the internet browsers. You can also enable secured transfer of your stored files via client software designed for Windows or Mac OS. You can download your favorite music and video files from music oriented sites and further save them in your assigned online space through Steekr. What’s more? You can easily listen to your selected music and video files, at your leisure time through the inbuilt multi-media player of Steekr, without the need of downloading the songs to your system.

All you need to do is simply create an account with Steekr, upload your favorite music / video and directly enjoy the music from your account. With every account, you get online storage space of around 1GB which is enough to save large number of music and video files for as long as you want.

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