Hotspot Shield is freeware software that allows users to secure their connection while surfing their favourite wi-fi hotspots. This advanced features of this software protect your private data like account number, credit card number from being hacked or retrieved. With this software, you can now easily access sites available outside USA without any fear of data loss.

How does this software work? To provide utmost security to your internet connection, the software builds a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This virtual protection shield is established between your system and their internet gateway. This shield acts as an impenetrable tunnel that keeps snoopers and hackers from viewing your web browsing activities. All your surfing activities proceed in an extra tab. Thus, there is absolutely no need for you to configure anything. You will be indicated of the activation of this software by the reflection of red and green shield in your menu bar.

Hotspot shield protects your entire web surfing session, nevertheless of public internet network or home internet network. It hides your identity when you go for various web transactions like shipping, downloading, filling forms etc. It makes your identity invisible to the third party website as well as ISP’s. Your identity will be reflected anonymous unless you manually opt for another status. This software has gained immense popularity owing to the freedom to access any site securely.

The software has an extremely easy-to-use interface. Once you install the software on your system, an html link will appear on your desktop. You just need to double click this link before initiating your net browsing to activate this software.

[ Download Hotspot Shield ]


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