Description for every file that you have stored displays when you locate your mouse over that file for a few seconds. This makes it easy for users to learn about the content and the format of the file, without actually wasting much time on opening it. This is one of the most popular methods used by users while conducting a search for a particular file.

However, sometimes, when you’ve stored more than one file in the same location, you have no other option but to open that file to check for its content. To avoid such waste of time, maintaining numerous folders for each and every file type also becomes confusing sometimes. The only way out of this confusion is to configure the folder description so that when you place the cursor on that file, you will be displayed the details of that folder.

Configuring folder description lets you access the right file without the need of opening each and every folder. To configure your folders all you need to do is open a new notepad file and type the InfoTip which carries the details on the information contained by the document. Remember to save the file as desktop.ini and paste it into the desired folder. Click on file and then save and close the notepad file. Click on the start option to initiate Run program. In the text bar write the command, ATTRIB +S “folder name”.  At last, when you have keyed in all the details of file, click “Ok done”. After following the above steps, when you place your mouse on the folder you will see its description popping up.


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