The HTTP File Server, often referred to as HFS, is a free web based server specially designed to make the task of sharing and publishing files easy. This application optimizes the easy and convenient drag and drop file sever facility for initiating file transfers. In other words, to enable file transfers, all you need to do is drag the file to the server and simply share it with the world. You can easily customize the port required for running this server, fill in the IP address and let it connect.

The files shared using HFS server is presented in an HTML page that contains all the details like file name and size. With this application, you can store your important data online and retrieve them from the net whenever there is a need to make further editions in it. However, to access this server, you have to make sure to avail the services of a reputable service provider, lest you will not be able to access your online file when the website is down. You can further easily install this server in almost all the versions of Windows.

Since HFS basically optimizes the web technology, it is makes it more compatible for usage considering the upsurge of internet age today. Via this server, your friends can actually view and upload your shared file, just the way they download files from the websites using their browser.     You don’t have to install any other program to access this server. You can easily share your files with the world by displaying them on the internet.

[ Download HFS ]


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