Sending and Receiving SMS via Google Gmail chat

Now a day’s people are addicted to Mobile phones and there are innumerable applications. All mobiles phones along with network operators provide default messaging system call SMS (Short Messaging Service).

By using the SMS service, people can send and receive short messages from other users. This service will be charged depending on the service provider. There are some featured mobiles where in we can send SMS for free, provided that the other Users also carry the same make of mobile phones.

This type of SMS system is introduced by Google for their users in Google Chat client. This messaging system for Gmail Chat client can be enabled by any user.

Once this feature is enabled, then user can send or receive an SMS to US mobile or cell phone numbers. SMS through Gmail Chat client is free of cost.

This feature has been made available by the Gmail labs. This is still under experimental condition. If a user wants to enable this feature in their Gmail Chat client, user should change their Gmail Settings to enable Test Messaging in Chat.

How to use this feature

Once this feature is enabled, a user can type mobile phone number in the chat window on the space that has been provided for entering the numbers. After successful entry, a user can send and receive SMS from the destined user.

How this works

Whenever we add a new mobile number that number will be tagged to a Google internal number by which it acts as carrier for sending or receiving the SMS. This feature prevents any type of crosstalk while the 2 users are communicating.

There is another feature added to this type of tagging, which is a user can save that code number for future sending and receiving.


This feature is only limited for US Gmail Chat users. This is not programmed for other users living outside the United States. This feature is limited to Gmail chat and cannot be used in other Google enabled services like iGoogle or other standalone Google gadgets.

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